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Erica’s Random Act Of Poetry Story

Spark: A haiku

We love touching lives with Random Acts Of Poetry. And sometimes, we get some lovely feedback about our Poetic Passion Project. Check out Erica’s testimonial below. And remember, you can always connect with the creator on Instagram (@dbarmmer) or Facebook too. You can also share your own poetic story with us by clicking on the three horizontal dashes under the home page headline to reveal “Menu & Search” – and then click “Contact Creator” on the left side of the page. We’d love to hear your story!

“You handed me this poem on a street in San Clemente several months ago. A few days before you randomly handed me the poem, I was in prayer about whether it would be wise to participate in a study with someone I had recently met. At the meeting, the facilitator kept using the term “sparks” over and over again to drive in the point of their lesson. I thought it interesting this word kept being used. So I prayed for clarity on if I should continue sitting with this person’s teaching. Then, you randomly hand me this poem called “Spark” and it was an answer to this prayer of mine. Pretty cool!”

–Erica (1.17.2019)

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Random Act Of Poetry Testimonial – Marlena

Random Act Of Poetry Testimonial – Marlena

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